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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Well folks here is the Camden Calling film. Many thanks to The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Mosaic Films. Extra special thanks to Anna Edwards, for seeing how as an organisation we stand out from the crowd, and telling our story in a way I believe no-one else could have.   

Monday, 23 July 2012


"we don't have much time" in the words of Jack Bauer and never were truer words spoken. One hour in fact is all that is left of the first series of our radio show. Locked On Radio has been a fantastic experience for everyone involved and our partnership with Endell St Studios to make the programmes has opened the door to lots of creative ideas, and has given the team opportunities inside and outside of the show.

Series 2 is in the pipeline and the show will be moving from SoundCloud to Recharged Radio, but first we have to get the darn thing funded, applications thus far have not been fruitful so until we have some success on that front we are sadly Locked Down. The shows including the very last show Expectation can be heard on the player below.

So as we bid you farewell for now here are quotes from two of the radio show team explaining what Locked On Radio has done for them in the last 12 months

 "The radio project has been a fantastic experience for me, as i've been able to use and develop skills i didn't even realise I had. It gives me a reason to get out of the house, even on my worst days, because i know people are depending on me. I think we should be funded again as whilst it's a great help to me, it's also a damn good show, showing an important positive side of us rather than dwelling on our situations. I hope we'll continue to grow in quality and professionalism and continue to ask awkward questions of our "superiors". I feel Locked On is unique as we talk freely and interestingly. 2011 has been an important year for freedom of speech and it's never free-er than Locked On !"

"I thought my life as an actress was over and my dream of performing again was the only thing that gave me a purpose but it was already gone. I suffer from various mental and physical illnesses that makes my existence very difficult to enjoy. With Locked on radio I have a purpose in life again, I love writing and playing my odd characters, the miserable corner and interviewing people. I can show my capacities as an actress again whilst keep the audience entertained. Due to my illnesses they give me flexibility to record my parts, which is very important to me as there are many days I can't leave the house. I have met amazing people and my social skills have improved a great deal. This radio show is original, completely different to anything out there. After listening to one of my radio sketches I have been offered a part by a film producer! Also I haven't been sectioned or tried to commit suicide since starting to be part of this radio project. It is bringing some stability to my mind and my life. Without Locked on I would be lost again in my darkness and solitude".

Over & Out xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 13 July 2012


Dekay & The D'mans are launching their album as a band Darkness Visible this Saturday night. The project has been a long time coming for us here at Camden Calling. The band met through membership and volunteering to this project and it has been a pleasure to be able to help them make the vision of Darkness Visible a reality. This launch is very important to us all here at CC because it represents not just the work that the band have done but the work put in by other members of the collective. Chogaia, and Martin have really involved themselves with this project and this night is a celebration of the work they have put in too. For me this album launch is a celebration of the ethos we have at Camden Calling and proof that you can make something amazing with limited resources and the odds stacked against.    

Saturday, 30 June 2012


We have been selected to be part of ‘With One Voice’, a one-night special event at the Royal Opera House to showcase the skills of 300 performers who have experienced homelessness from around the world. We are screening This Is Camden Calling the Rockumentary made about us by Anna Edwards 

With One Voice’ is part of the London 2012 Festival and it will be the first time in history that homeless people have been given an official platform at celebrations for an Olympic and Paralympic Games. The event sold out quickly but a few extra tickets have just been released – call the box office on 020 7304 4000. If you can’t come in person, you can watch the event streamed online at from 6.30-9.30pm on Monday 2nd July.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


One year of hard work and Locked In Transit Two is finally complete. We screened on Friday evening and a massive thanks to everyone that came down and made it such a special occasion. Special mentions to everyone who has purchased a State Of Music album, your support of Camden Calling made the screening event possible, prevented us going straight to DVD and kept us all nicely warm on wine. Thanks to the Horse Hospital for the discount on venue hire and of course to Budgens in Belsize Park for a super deal on the Vino.

Videos are below in the order in which they were made and we hope that you enjoy the journey we take you on. Locked In Transit is a project inspired by real life experiences of vulnerable, homeless and ex-homeless people, thanks to everyone that took part in the workshops, appeared as extras and inspired this creation. We hope that this project says something about life and our relationships with our environment as human beings; in a seemingly inescapable city. We hope you relate, and most of all we hope you are entertained.

Kilburn High Road - Charted at Number 4 in summer of 2011 in Tourdates Unsigned Chart can still be downloaded for FREE HERE

Violent Dreams can also be downloaded FREE below and is the single from the Darkness Visible Album due for release summer 2012

Stealth Tax Time - Charted at number 6 in 2011 in Tourdates Unsigned Chart can still be downloaded for FREE HERE. Interestingly this video was also responsible for us losing our FREE venue for screening, send your questions on  postcard I guess to Boris / Ken, although I am sure neither of them would actually think this video was particularly damaging to their campaigns. 

Not sure of the Dark Horse's plans for this track but we will keep you updated.

So that is Locked In Transit 2012 complete for another year. Our plans to develop this project are to find artists that would like to collaborate with members on new tracks and videos. So if you are a music maker and you like the look of anything here give us a shout!

If you are feeling all warm inside now, and have any cash to splash we are in desperate need of donations to keep Camden Calling alive. We have a button you can click here it is. Til 2013 Locked In Transit is going back to the garage! xx

Monday, 9 April 2012


Event Details
Friday 20th April
The Hosrse Hospital
7pm – 9pm
07815 61 99 33

Camden Calling is a small arts collective of exceptional homeless & ex-homeless people; working together with support to host mainstream events for a mainstream audience.

For 12 months we have been working on our 2nd Locked In Transit project; four original tracks by Camden Calling members, and four accompanying music videos.  In a project that explores the themes of modern life that impact on all of our lives.

In the last year we have involved people from outside of our project from the homeless community, as well as professionals working in the arts with this project. We have learnt tons had an amazing amount of fun and the result is four music videos in which our artistic integrity prevails over who you may think we are.

This screening event is to celebrate the end of the project is free to attend but we have a limited house capacity of 100 so please email to reserve a place.

There will be live music, an opportunity to meet and talk with the Camden Calling members as well as a raffle, some non- aggressive tin rattling, and the usual screening event nibbles and drinkies.

Camden Calling is an organisation set up to celebrate and encourage the diverse and quite amazing talents of people on the fringes of our society; People who without this community would not have a voice.  All events are in part planned, promoted, produced and include performance from the members.

Two of the tracks featured in this project can be heard on our sound cloud player Stealth Tax Time by Richard Bastian and Kilburn High Road by Jonny Granville, both have achieved top 10 success in the UK unsigned charts

Thursday, 29 March 2012


The State Of Music Volume 2 launches today. Those of you following Camden Calling will know that this is a series of five albums that feature and unsigned US artist, with the profits from each album being donated to Camden Calling.

This is the brainchild of Dom Paczko at Choose My Music, to whom we are incredibly grateful to for really making quite a contribution to this projects ability to run this year.

“I’m addicted to this album…Why are all these plastic pop stars in the charts while these amazing musicians are not?” The Unsigned Side – SFR Radio

The album is available for digital download and we do believe there may be just one or two physical copies left from this volumes pre-order run.  On the 14th March the album and some of the artists featured showcased at the SXSW and we would like to thank once again everyone involved with the album.